Program Services

Vocational Development

Vocational training and development is related to the special skills, training, etc. that one may need for a particular job or occupation. It is geared towards the education and training which aims to equip people with knowledge, know-how, skills, and/or competences required in particular occupations.

The Vocational Training Center helps individuals who are capable of working at a job with minimal supports. Vocational development includes job readiness, vocational training, work experience, job placement, and job follow-up support services. The majority of referrals are made by the North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Day Supports

Day Supports is person-centered. It is based upon therapeutic and supportive services, including community integration for our supported individuals. The goal of the Day Supports Program is to provide individually-based, outcome-driven services. This program assists individuals to maximize their social and vocational skills so they may achieve greater opportunities, choices, and employment.

Supported Employment

Supported employment refers to assistance with obtaining and maintaining employment for those with developmental disabilities. It is ongoing support that is necessary for success in a competitive work environment. The support is provided by a job coach for job site training and support. Supported employment is considered to be a form of employment where wages are expected along with benefits.

Referrals are made through the North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Extended Services

Extended services are on-going support services provided to an individual after they have acclimated to their job. Extended services typically follows supported employment or vocational development for long-term support to help the individual keep and maintain their job.

Direct Job Placement

Referrals are made directly from N.D. Vocational Rehabilitation to our agency for assistance in obtaining employment for individuals outside of our facility who only require some basic service in their job search. They may have some barrier(s) to employment that do not require much intervention or support.